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tv   CBS 58 News at 4pm  CBS  November 1, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm CDT

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it's an all-out sprint... and the final leg for both campaigns starts in wisconsin. we have live reports from both the donald trump - mike pence... and tim kaine rallies with one week to the election. but our top story... new developments in wauwatosa. now five months after his death, the attorney for jay anderson's family is pushing for more details about the 58's jacob kittilstad has more. 3 an attorney for jay anderson's family tells me that this paperwork filed this week puts the city of wauwatosa on-notice for a future civil lawsuit once the criminal investigation into this officer involved shooting is completed. completed.jon safran...who represents the mother of jay anderson's child...says he's question many aspects of the
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out in the notice of injury filing.jay anderson was shot and killed june 23 at madison says he was sleeping in his officer approached, leading to the situation...safran says the officer claims anderson lunged for a handgun when he was told to put his arms up. up. "the video shows at least twice prior to the shooting, mr. anderson, both his head and arms kind of coming down, as if it looks as though he's passed out or is falling asleep. and twice that occurs. his head. he comes back up. they're up for a period of time. and when they come down the second time is when the officer then proceeds to fire through the passenger side open window."the video is not yet public.wauwatosa police are withholding related records until the district report.and the attorney also or. tells me that he's received no timeline from the milwaukee county district attorney's office on if charges will be leveled against that officers
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reporting in milwaukee, jacob kittilstad, cbs 58 news. 3 one person is dead after a head-on crash on milwaukee's north side this morning. morning.police say a 42-year- old woman crossedthe center line at 46th and burleigh and hit another car. she died at the scene.a 59-year-old woman inside the other car was taken to a local hospital with serious injuries. still no word on what exactly is to blame. 3 a milwaukee barbaque joint caught fire early this morning.. morning...we captured this video as firefighters began to investigte the blaze at "ashley's barbeque" on 15th restaurant wasn't open yet... and that no ons hurt. 3 and a 29-year-old man is in custody in connection to a house fire on milwaukee's north 58 confirmed with fire officials that the home near 36th and garfield was set on fire on purpose.the homeowner told cbs 58's jacob kittilstad it was set by a tenant as retaltion because he was trying to evict them. police have not said whether that 29-year-old was the tennant. a major effort underway today to combat violence in
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different groups and activists came together to launch an action plan wiin the next six months. 58's amanda porterfield was there..she joins us now with some of the ideas. amanda 3 for three hours people met in a room here at discovery world. we got the chance to stay for the whole time.and listen to a very real conversation about what the next six months will look like. this planning will be led by the city's office of violence prevention...w partnered with about 70 different groups and people. those people will be divided into groups. based on constant communication with the community about the problem.. those groups will collectively come up with a long term and immediate plan. a group called the prevention institute will be doing a lot of the ground work. and today they got started right away. people at the meeting had a very raw dialogue with eachother about the problems..and then made the first attempt to try to see which ones should be tackled first. "we don't have to build from
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efforts happening right now. this is a plan to coordinate those activites and put measurable benchmarks where we can say if we are doing this who do we know we are doing it well and how do we know peoples lives are having an impact." the important part about this is that - different voices will be heard. like - those of parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who've lost someone to violence. in fact one of them hear what she had to say about the meeting..coming up on the news at 5. live in downtown milwaukee amanda porterfield cbs 58 news. some of the families playing an imporant role in this process... also took part in the cbs 58 special "milwaukee at a crossroads". crossroads".we have the one hour long special available to view online.just go to cbs 58 dot com. meterologist rebecca schuld joins us now to get you ready
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3 3
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the frantic finish in the race for the white house is
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appleton... while donald trump is preparing for an event in appleton.... and we just learned that his running mate, mike pence, will not be joining him tonight. 3 meantime -- hillary clinton continues to deal with the fallout of the latest fbi email news's jeff pegues has the latest. 3 (track 1)the fbi is searching anthony weiner's computerlooking to zero-in on emails belonging to his estranged wife huma abedinhillary clinton's long time aide. (track 2)(statement gfx in) in a statement released by monday night, she said abedin "learned for the first time on friday...of the posibility thata laptop belonging to mr. weiner could contain emails of hers." (gfx out) "getting involved this close to the election is just wrong." "you don't get to be a smearer at large with derogatory information." // (track 3) f-b-i director james comey is facing relentless criticism for notifying congress about launching the review less than two weeks before the election. "i'll neither defend nor
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decided to communicate." (track 4)on monday, the white house struck down claims that comey's actions were political. "the president doesn't believe that director comey is intentionally trying to influence the outcome of an election. the president doesn't believe that he's secretly strategizing to beefit one candidate or one political party. he's in a tough spot."rack 5)comey's decision to tell congress defied a reme attorney general loretta lynch. (track 6)(gfx in) in response to calls from congress to disclose more information about the review, the department of justice said they're dedicating "all necessary resources" and taking "appropriate steps as expeditiously as possible." (gfx out) over the last several days, we have not spoken with anyone who believes that this review of all of these emails will be wrapped up by election day. jeff pegues, cbs news, washington.
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we also learned that -- despite the sparring with doanld trump -- house speaker paul ryan ?did? in fact follow through with his pledge to vote for the republican nominee.ryan told fox news he cast his vote last week in his hometown of janesville.still, ryan says he hasn't changed his plans about not appearing at any campaign events with trump. 3 their vote might not count now... but the kids at "siefert elementary school" in milwaukee got some good practice today.the school teamed up with the milwaukee county elections commission commissionto hold a mock election this took the mystery out of what they may have been watchih they got a good look at the equipment, practiced casting a ballot, in hopes of a renewed appreaction at home about the right to vote. "i think it's important for the kids to know. and i think that then translates to their parents. now they get to experience that with their parents. they know exactly what to do. they know exactly what the ballot looks like. like.teachers have spent the last two weeks giving their students details about the nomine. so they could make an informed choice..even if it was make believes..this could have a very real impact on the
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men around the world are clean shaven today... ready to regrow their facial hair in the name of prostate cancer. cancer.the "movember" movement is catching on with the packers 58's kyle aevermann has more from froedtert hospital. 3 natspackers wide receiver davante adams, and dorsey levens were greeted by a welcoming crowd at the cancer center on tuesday morning to kick of movember a campaign to bring awareness to prostate cancer. cancer. "men are terrible. if it's not really killing them, they won't get cheed out so i'm doing my part to make sure i help out."prostate cancer is one of the most treatable forms; but, the second leading cause of cancer death in men. nearly 30-thosuand lose their ves every year. year."it's really important for black men or middle age because i fall ithat category. we have onof the highest percentages of getting
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than any other race." in front of thecrowd, the two were given a complete shave and will grow it out for the entire month hense movember. while the two are hoping to educate men on the importantce of early detection their true athletic-selves are also on the fieldtaking this serious issue and turning it into something a little competitive. levens "i told him that once he gets a little older and he can put on his big boy pants, maybe he'll grow some facial hair, but right now he doesn't have a chance. adams "it doesn't get long so it'll be sply whether you can grow facial hair or not, everyone is encouraged to use the hashtag grow your support and share your wauwatosa, kyle aevermann, cbs 58 in wauwatosa, kyle aevermann, cbs 58 news. 3 and make sure to stay with cbs 58 news all week leading up to sunday's showdown with the indianapolis colts.kickoff is
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stcbs 58 news at four -- milwaukee takes another step toward tearing down estabrook dam.we'll tell you what's next. 3 and bill cosby is back in court...the new claims by his attorneys to get his sex assault case.. thrown out. 3 plus --- meterologist rebecca schuld will return with your full readycast...stay tuned. 3
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the estabrook dam is one step closer to coming down...the milwaukee common council heavily passed a measure rezoning it... making it eligible for sale.but the move isn't without 58's julie parise reports on this developing story. 3 the common council voted yes on the rezoning of the land around estabrook dam -- effectively starting the process to remove it. this was the second of two vot today -- the first one took place before this mornings common council meeting. that vote, the zoning committee voted 3-0 to remove the dam. the council approved that rezoning by a vote of 12-2 with one the city will take control of the park land.
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to the milwaukee metropolitan sewage district for $1 -- so they can remove it.alderman nik kovac sponsored the rezoning item -- and says it will cost taxpayers far less to remove it than to repair it. it."to begin after finally, after a decade of discussion, removal of the dam....which will make the river cleaner and while we're at it, will save the taxpayers over 2 million immediately and an additional 2 million or so over the next 30 years. so it's a 4 million dollar savings which will low the county to put money towards others resourcesand pressing needs in the parks." parks." board says they've wanted to repair the dam for several years.a spokesrson for the county told me after that initial vote today to remove the dam, that members are disappointed to hear of the milwaukee, julie parise, cbs 58 news. 3 dozens stood silently ... lining the streets of ladysmith, wisconsin -- their y of saying goodbye to fallen rusk county sheriff deputy dan glaze.he was laid to rest yesterday.glaze was shot and killed in the line of duty over the weekend responding to a suspicious
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shooting him... doug nitek... is in custody awaiting charges. 3 and a u-w stout student originally from saudi arabia has died... after he was attacked over the weekend. first responders found 24-year-old hussain saeed alnahdi lying in the street of downtown menomonie early sunday morning.police have not made any arrests. 3 in news from around the nation -- at least six people are dead in a crash between a hool bus and commuter bus in ba. baltimore. sounded like a bomb went off...the school bus was empty when it t-bones the other bus which was filledith passengers. "we currently have five tients. one is critically injured. one is serious. and the other three are, fortunately, in stable conditio" condition."five others are at other local hospitals. officials have t yet said who's at fault. 3 a motherand her two daughters killed when a pick up truck rear ended a flatbed carrying dozens on a hayride.the
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the dead children were just eight and two years old.the wreck happened in the small town of "chunky" about an hour west of jackson.six other people on the hayride were critically injured. no word yet on why the 3 bill cosby was back in court today.his attorneys arguing the comedian is not fit to stand trial... because of medical reasons. reasons.cosby's lawyers say the 79-year-old is legally blind... meaning he won't be able to recognize his accusers. more than 50 women have come forward claiming to be either cosby faces up to 10 years in jail and a $25,000 fine if convicted. 3 your full readycast with meterologist rebecca schuld is next...stay tuned. 3
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johnson: social security is a legal ponzi scheme. senior 1: ron johnson is attacking social security. senior 2: he wants to let wall street risk it in the stock market. johnson: free money... young people don't really necessarily understand finance. college student 1: ron johnson voted to raise the cost of student loans - college student 2: he just doesn't get it. worker: he says he's for jobs, but ron johnson suorts tde deals that hurt wisconsin. v.o.: attacking social security. raising the cost of college. jobs lost overseas. senator ron johnson - he's hurting wisconsin families.
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halloween is over... that means it's time for the annual we energies cookie book!cathy schulze is with me... cathy, we look forward to this every y. year. 3
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thanks cathy... if you missed anything -- we'll post this interview and the details
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com. michele... back to you. 3 for those of you who might have leftover halloween candy...there's a way you can save your teeth ?and? make sure america's service men and women can get a taste of home. germantown are holding a "candy buy back" right now. you'll get a dollar per pound of candy you donate... and the candy will be sent to troops overseas.if you've like to donate your candy... you can from right now until seven the office on mequon road. 3 still ahead on the cbs 58 news at four...a local retailer is going body positive.the changes you'll see at a meijer near you. 3 and wells fargo is forced to pay up ?again?.what the bank's
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and just how important is wisconsin to winning the presidency?we'll have live reports from eau claire and appleton as both campaigns make a final push. 3 we've got much more news and weather headlines...coming up as the cbs 58 news at four
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wisconsin takes center stage as we enter the final week before the election. election.both campaigns are investing heavily the next several days... voters. 3 cbs 58's david ade is in eau claire ahead of tonight's republican rally with donald trump. but we begin with kristen barbaresi in appleton... where democratic vice presidential nominee, senator tim kaine just wrapped up an event.kristen? one week until election day-but today-on national early vote day-- tim kaine urged voters to cast their
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has donald trump up by one point.and while kaine didn't directly reference any polls-he did let the crowd know this is a tight race.he made reference to russia interfering with the election. the clinton campaign believes russia is behind the hack of campaign emails released by wikikeaks leaks. and kaine said trump encouraged the hack. kaine told the crowd the race is close and they need to get out and vote to send a 3 message and vote to send a message you can't take anything for granted because we haven't had an election like this where another country is trying to interfere...he doesn't accept responsibility for anything kaine was joined on stage by russ feingold who is in a tight race with sen. ron johnson. senator tammy baldwin also spoke to the crowd today. coming up at 5 we'll have more from today's rally-live at lawrence univesrity krsiten barbaresi cbs 58 3 let's go to eau claire now with more on tonight's republican rally... and david ade now.david?
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obviously the headliner tonight but it's the wisconsin republicans who are showing up which makes for an interesting storyline. governor scott walker will be here tonight congressman sean duffy will also speak and so will reince priebus and senator ron johnson. johnson.key wisconsin republicans have been reluctant to rally with trump during his handful of wisconsin visits with speaker au campaign with trump and instead focus on maintaining the house majority. but ryan also said this morning he early voted for the republican nominee.and just a week away from his own election wisconsin's u-s senator ron johnson is making his first campaign apperence with trump tonight. "i'm campaigning for the republican team because we have got to strengthen our economy, strengthen our military, defeat isis, secure our border and appoint
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an outspoken southeast wisconsin trump supporter tells me the stars are aligning for a trump victory in the state.this event starts here at in eau claire david ade cbs 58 news. 3 things aren't slowing down kristen just said... tim kaine is about to hold another rally in madison...then tomorrow, chelsea clinton campaigns for her mother in oshkosh, eau claire and milwaukee. senator bernie sanders will also be here in milwaukee to campaign for feingold. 3 make sure you stay with cbs 58 all week... as we bring you the latest updates from the campaign.then, look for our team coverage on election night november 8th.we'll have reports from all the big national, state and local races. open enrollment for the affordable care act begins toda. today.rates will go up around the country.people in wisconsin are expected to pay about 15-percent more on, humana and united health care are all leaving the marketplace at the end of the must
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start of 20-17. meterologist rebecca schuld joins us now to get you ready for your evening...rebecca. 3 today: mix of sun and clouds with more sunshine possible in the afternoon. warmer with highs in the upper 60s to near 70. wind: sw 5-15 mph. tonight: increasing clouds with a few showers late. lows in the of the week: rain showers are likely for most of wednesday with an isolated storm possible. half to full inch of
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the 50s. stays mild most of the week with highs right around 600. heading into the weekend, expect plenty of 60s! 3 3 3 plenty of 60s! weekend, expect heading into the weekend, expect plenty of 60s!
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legendary sharpshooter ray allen has called it a career careerthe former bucks... sonics... celtics... and heat star announced his retirement tuesday.allen walked away from the game after the 2014 finals... but he was lurking behind the scenes... always threatening a comeback for a contender. allen retires as a two-time n-b-a champion... a 10-time all-star... a career leader in regular-seasona playoff 3-pointers made. he will also always be remembered fondly as jesus shuttlesworth from the all-time classic basketball movie "he got game." 3 packers safety micah hyde made a stop in milwaukee today... he was at riverside high school to help introduce a new partnership.the packers are teaming up with boston store to make workshops available to 55-hundred students.. parents... coaches... and administrators. the workshops teach everyone involved in youth and high school sports
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opportunity sports present to help youth reach their potential as athletes and as people. making his mark is something micah hyde takes to heart. 3 "if i go back to my hometown in ohio, about 13,000 people, my teachers and my principals, and people like that, they'll just come up to me, give me a hug and tell me how good it is to see me. and that's leaving a mark." mark."these workshops are put alliance" or p-c-a... which is a national nonprofit organization changes are coming to the clothing section at meijer... one that makes sure no one is singled 58's jocelyne pruna is live from wauwatosa with the details. they're already doing this in 15 of its stores. none of them are in wisconsin yet. this move has people in the fashion industry calling it progressive. one milwaukee
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the stage. nats this is the fashion department hard at work... "i think it's long overdue." at mount mary university in milwaukee. nats "why segregate the sizes, let them all shop together." meijer's decision is a trend this assistant professor says comes up in her visual presentation class. trish kuehnl/ assistant professor and co-chair at the fashion department at mt. mary's "men's clothing isn't the men's department they'll have the big and tall suits but they are all in the men's suit department, they aren't segregated out. i feel like it's a great move. i hope this is something that other retailers will follow." the change in merchandising means all sizes from small to 3-x will be on the same rack. michelle krick/ women's division merchandise manager "if they are shopping with their moms or their friends, they have to go to a different area. now they get to shop together and it's all the same styles." another new concept- you won't be paying more for a bigger size. "so that's really exciting for our customer, right now plus is always a higher price and we're going to be offering one price for
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fashion experts predict will become standard. "i think other retailers like the department stores who are struggling if they follow this model, they may bring in more customers." meijer plans to have this all done in its 230 stores in the midwest by early in wauwatosa, jocelyne pruna, cbs58news. 3 an alarming number of children are born premature in the state of wisconsin. why is this happening and what can be dab guest is next. 3 and why was the turkey bustng a move in downtown milwaukee? all will be revealed when the cbs 58 news at four comes
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we're getting a first look at a report put out by march of dimes highlighting the challenges to mothers to carrying their baby to full term.our state ranks in the bottom half of the country for premature births...i'm joined by doctor camille garrison... a physician at aurora saint
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here's a look at pre-term births by county...-- waukesha county: 8-percent-- milwaukee county: 10-point-4 percent-- racine county: 10-point-9 percentabout one in ten births are premature for the state as a whole... and here are the numbers by can see african american women in wisconsin are almost one-and-a-half times more likely to have a premature birth than any other race.
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thank you doctor garrison... we'll post this interview garrison... we'll thank you doctor garrison... we'll post this interview on cbs 58 dot com... bill... back to you. 3 the federal reserve will announce tomorrow whether interest rates are going up. the fed began a two-day summit on raising rates this
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the fed to wait until after the election next week-- and raise rates at its meeting in december. 3 and wells fargo has agreed to pay out 50-million dollars... this one is for a ?different? scandal tied to home loans. the bank is accused of overcharging homeowners for appraisal fees.those fees are typically 30-dollars or less...but wells fargo was charging at least three times that amount.a wells fargo spokesmaninsists no wrongdoing... but that the company wants to avoid a long ga halloween is only hours behind us -- but for amazon... today marks the start of the holiday season. amazon dot com is launching its black friday deals store today...with new deals as often as every five minutes. 3 sony says its second quarter operating profits plunged to nearly half of what it made over the same period last year. profits were down partly due to some earthquake damage to its factories.but sony is looking for a boost from its gaming week an upgraded version of the playstation 4 will go on sale
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virtual reality headset for the p-s-4. 3 your full readycast with meterologist rebecca schuld is next...stay tuned. 3
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with a spring in her step and a determination to "stomp" out hunger, a fine feathered 3 friend from hunger task force began the rexnord turkey ticker challenge in downtown rexnord is matching every turket donated to the non-profit in the month of november.look at it this way-- it's doubling your donation-- sherrie tussler, hunger task force: think about macaroni and cheese or a can of tuna. that's the standard stuff you can pick up at a pantry. but if you can get a turkey at the holidays that's important. it makes people feel dignified and safe in their own home." home." as turkeys are donated, the turkey ticker count will be updated daily on hunger task
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off i-94 and online. we've got the details on how you can get involved on our website cbs 58 dot com. look in the local news section. 3 today: mix of sun and clouds with more sunshine possible in the afternoon. warmer with highs in the upper 60s to near 70. wind: sw 5-15 mph.tonight: increasing clouds with a few showers late. lows in the 50s.
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are likely for most of wednesday with an isolated storm possible. half to full inch of rain possible with highs in the 50s. stays mild most of the week with highs right around 600. heading into the weekend, expect plenty of 60s! 3 plenty of 60s! weekend, expect heading into the right around 600. clouds with more sunshine possible in the afternoon. warmer with highs in the upper 60s to near 70. wind: sw 5-15 mph.tonight: increasing clouds with a few showers late. lows in the of the week: rain showers are likely for most of wednesday with an isolated storm possible. half
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with highs in the 50s. stays mild most of the week with highs right around 600. heading into the weekend, expect plenty of 60s! 3 today: mix of sun and clouds with more sunshine possible in the highs in the upper 60s to near 70. wind: sw 5-15 mph.tonight: increasing clouds with a few showers late. lows in the 50s. rest of the week: rain showers are likely for most of wednesday with an isolated storm possible. half to full inch of rain possible with highs in the 50s. stays mild most of the week with highs right around 600. heading into
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3 3 the cbs 58 news at four thirty will be back in just a moment...stay tuned.
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russ feingold voiceover: as i travel to all 72 counties - knocking on doors, talking to folks - what i hear the most is how hard it is to get ahead. one big reason -- we have a political system working overtime -- for ceos. let's protect social security, make college affordable for families and fix a tax system that rewards companies for exporting our jobs. prove this message because we need an economy that works for everyone. two little owlets are back in the wild... after a little
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they were found abandoned earlier this year.that where the "regi" center in antigo steps in... nursing them back to health.they're also paired with an adult male that teaches them how to survive. then every year, the center has an "owl-loween" release. 3 thanks for joining us at
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3 you're looking live at the "w-l zorn arena" in eau presidentiall nominee donald trump is expected to speak in a few hours. live team visits to the badgers state.. coming up later in the show. 3 but first our top story at five...a collaborative effort is now underway to combat violence in milwaukee. milwaukee.more than 70 different groups and people came together to launch a six month process to come up with a plan. cbs 58 was the only station asked to stay for the entire meeting. amanda porterfield joins us live the story...amanda there are a lot of different groups in milwaukee trying to
4:59 pm
milwaukee. today - those groups came together here at discovery world...made their voices and ideas heard and committed to putting their ideas together to come up with a plan. its an effort the city of milwaukee's office of violence prevention says its leadingbut not dictating to the community. 03:10:15 think this is something that we should have had a long time ago. i think the timing is rich because of what we have in terms of leadership, urgency and commitment. :23it started today with a room full of groups and people you know well..mixed with many - make a difference quietly. for the next six months - they'll come up with a plan for milwaukee's violence problems together. 03:09:04 this is an all hands on deck issue. 03:09:18 work started during the meeting today. people listed the problems they thought should be tackled first. and started a group conversation about real experiences. 03:31:25 nats we got to start showing the people that they can actually live for something because to them this don't mean nothing. 03:20:50 nats when i drive through ya'lls neighborhoods man, ya'll don't know how they harrass me. 03:21:0303:18:36 if you haven't been through
5:00 pm
those voices..the one's of people like ramona boone who lost her niece zalayia jenkins to violence in milwaukee..that the city says - will be included this time every step of the way. 03:15:10 i am here to be a part of the solution, i think everybody talks the talk, but i think this group here is the talk, but i think this group here is willing to walk the walk. 03:15:22 the prevention institute will be driving the research and they are a firm out of oakland california that has helped many communities build a violence prvention plan in the past. live in downtown milwaukee amanda porterfield cbs 58 news. 3 newly filed court documents reveal more details in the death of jay anderson junior... the man killed by a wauwatosa police officer nearly five months 58's jacob kittilstad on the toll the wait for answers is taking on his family.


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